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Seek: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life by Scott Shigeoka

Seek: How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life by Scott Shigeoka

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If you've felt alienated and alone in recent years, you're in good company. Whether it's a rift in your family, polarization at your workplace or just a sense that society isn't as connected as it once was, many of us feel painful chasms in our connections. Internationally-recognized curiosity expert and bridge builder Scott Shigeoka knows that there’s only one cure: Deep Curiosity. 
Rooted in a desire to understand, rather than to know, a practice of Deep Curiosity can help us leverage something we think of as an intellectual force or personality trait into a heart-centered daily practice to transform our well-being and our lives.
In Seek, Shigeoka blends cutting-edge research with electric, vulnerable storytelling to teach readers their signature DIVE model. With his guidance, you’ll learn more than a dozen practical strategies to:

  • Detach — Let go of your ABCs (assumptions, biases, certainty),
  • Intend — Prepare your mindset and setting,
  • Value — See the dignity of every person, including yourself,
  • Embrace — Welcome the hard times in your life.

About the Author: 

Scott Shigeoka is an internationally-recognized curiosity expert and speaker. He is known for translating research into strategies that promote positive well-being and connected relationships around the globe, including at the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and through his groundbreaking courses at the University of Texas at Austin. Scott has spread his curiosity practices to public officials, health care professionals, artists, activists, writers, media organizations, educators, community leaders and businesses. Originally from Hawai'i, Scott now lives in California.