Workshops and Classes

ARCH offers in-store classes, workshops and product demo's. We also host classes with our friends from Art School SF. You can find our full in-store classes and those offered by Art School SF below.

Have an arts related class you would like to teach at ARCH? Email and tell us what you have in mind!


Printmaking with Botanicals
w/ Rebecca Rippon

This class will introduce the monoprint printmaking technique to make stunning prints from plants, using natural pigments . You will learn multiple techniques in monoprinting, and receive guidance in principles of composition and color. Experimentation will be encouraged! No experience necessary.

1 Session >> Saturday >> November 2nd
10:00am - 1:00pm, $50 - SIGN UP HERE


Intro to Silverpoint Workshop 
w/ Katherine Vetne

Learn the basics of silverpoint drawing in this one-day workshop! Students will be introduced to the history of this rare and beautiful drawing medium, craft their own silverpoint stylus, and experiment with a variety of drawing techniques on different surfaces. Participants will walk away with the tools and information they need to continue their exploration of silverpoint, as well as other metalpoint techniques such as goldpoint.

1 Session >> Saturday >> October 10
10:00am - 12:00pm, $50 - SIGN UP HERE

Introduction to Drawing: “Drawing as a Mode of Nurturance”
w/ Mara Ramiez 

Creating worlds of our own making, outside of the subconscious, in this earthly plane, we will cultivate vulnerability and sharing in community, for the first time outside of digital boxes in over a year. This space in making and sharing will be all about learning how to tell our stories, while honoring them in their nuance, multiplicities, and complexity, through the medium of drawing.

7 sessions >> Saturday >> September 29 - November 10 
10:00am-1:00pm, $360 - ENROLL HERE


Sketch Portrait Painting In Oil
w/ Oscar Lopez Gurrero 

Liberate yourself painting on an easel or wall and explore the freedom that sketching in oil on paper and Mylar can offer you.

8 Sessions >> Sundays >> October 3- November 21
11:00am-2:00pm, ARCH Art Supplies, $380 - ENROLL HERE


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