Saral Transfer Paper Roll

Saral Wax-Free Transfer Paper, Various Colors

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Saral Wax-Free Transfer Paper is used to transfer designs to various other media types, such as pottery, wood and more to be painted, stitched, carved, etc.

Available in 5 colors

  • GraphiteThe all-purpose tracing medium. Excellent for illustration board and all drawing papers, wood, fabrics, canvas and metal.
  • WhiteFor tracings on dark surfaces. Excellent on dark fabrics, dark wood, metal, as well as dark painting surfaces.
  • YellowYellow is best for work on clear or stained glass. Also works well on dark surfaces. 
  • RedExcellent for ceramics and china painting. The lines will fire out. Shows up equally well on light or dark surfaces and mixtures of the two, such as photographs and photostats. May be used on acetate overlays, plastics and enamel.
  • Non-Photo BlueNon-photographic. It's not necessary to clean off Saral blue when work goes before the platemaking camera. Ideal for key lines, mechanicals, paste-ups.

Rolls are 12 inch wide x 12 Feet. Saral is certified non toxic