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GOLDEN Open Acrylic Thinner, 4oz

GOLDEN Open Acrylic Thinner, 4oz

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OPEN Gel and Medium can be thinned and extended with OPEN Thinner, water, or faster drying GOLDEN Mediums. For most painting techniques the following guidelines are recommended:

  • OPEN Thinner will reduce the viscosity while still preserving the optimal working time. Since OPEN Thinner contains no binders, limit additions to a maximum 3:1 ratio of 3 parts OPEN Gel or Medium to 1 part OPEN Thinner to maintain film integrity.
  • Water will very rapidly reduce the viscosity but will not preserve the extended open time. To maintain film integrity limit additions to a maximum 2:1 ratio of 2 parts OPEN Gel or Medium to 1 part water.
  • Faster drying GOLDEN Mediums can be added in any ratio to OPEN Gel and Medium to modify viscosity, but will lower the open time in proportion to the ratio.

For washes and stains on porous and absorbent grounds, one may exceed the above ratios, although the resulting paint films will become increasingly fragile and water sensitive. To later preserve these works, they will need to be properly framed and protected in ways similar to watercolors, or the surface will need to be consolidated with a layer of acrylic medium or an isolation coat prior to varnishing.