Legion Cosmos Blotting Paper, 360gsm, 24x38"

Legion Cosmos Blotting Paper, 360gsm, 24x38"

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This totally unsized, archival paper is never printed on by a fine art printer (although we can't swear to it) but you will find these sheets in every fine art printing studio and atelier. 

The primary use of Cosmos blotting is simple: wet blotters are used to dampen the art paper in preparation for printing - the paper can be sandwiched between the damp/wet blotters and are usually left overnight so the paper can take on enough moisture. 

In reverse when a print is pulled and it is still quite damp the drying time can be greatly reduced if it is placed between 2 dry blotters that act as a sponge taking on the excess moisture from the final print. 

Because of its total lack of any sizing (internal and external), Cosmos Blotting has been used successfully for paper-casting or molding shapes and sculpture pieces. It also makes for a great option for custom coasters.

  • Made in USA

  • High alpha cellulose

  • Neutral pH

  • Lignin-Free

  • Rough surface

  • Unsized

  • Unbuffered

  • No OBA’s

  • Very absorbent

  • Specialty Paper