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Speedball Sketching set 8pc.

Speedball Sketching set 8pc.

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This Speedball set comes with a variety of nibs that will produce different line widths and line effects. 

Sketching Pen Set:  Features (6) pointed pen nibs (#56, #99, #102, #107, #108, #512), (1) Standard Penholder and (1)  Crowquill Holder.

#56 Standard School Nib-Stiff action, fine lines, bronze finish

#99 Drawing Nib-Extremely flexible with extra fine point

#102 Crow Quill Nib-Super fine lines, flexible

#107 Hawk Quill Nib-Super fine point, stiffer than #102, very durable, good for long even lines, cross-hatching and flourishes

#108 Litho Hawk Quill Nib-Superfine point for super fine lines, shades with slight pressure.  good for cross-hatching and flourishing details

#512 Bowl Pointed Nib-Fine line pen nib for ruling or lettering