Daniel Smith Hand Poured Colors featuring Jane's Gray, Red Jasper Genuine, Gray Titanium, Alvaro's Fresco Gray, Alvaro's Caliente Gray, Joseph Z's Neutral Gray, Joseph Z's Cool Gray, Joseph Z's Warm Gray

Hand Poured with Love: An 8 Color Half Pan Set of Daniel Smith's New Colors

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Looking for a good way to try out the 8 new colors from Daniel Smith? Check out our exclusive hand poured watercolor paint set featuring a half pan of each color.

For 2019, Daniel Smith Watercolors has created a New Signature Series of 6 gorgeous grays, as well as a new Primatek and Gray Titanium!

Featured in this set:

  • Jane's Grey
  • Red Jasper Genuine
  • Gray Titanium
  • Alvaro's Fresco Gray
  • Alvaro's Caliente Gray
  • Joseph Z's Neutral Gray
  • Joseph Z's Warm Gray
  • Joseph Z's Cool Gray