CCA M.ARCH Studio 1 Supplies Kit - Fall 2020

CCA M.ARCH Studio 1 Supplies Kit - Fall 2020

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This kit compiles materials and tools from all CCA M.ARCH Studio 1  courses. The kit should prepare you for the beginning of any of the menu of core classes for both semesters of your first year, and the items will likely be useful for and required in more than one class, including many studio electives.

Expect more material and tool requirements per individual courses beyond this list but more than likely many of theses items will be on the list in several courses.

CCA M.ARCH Studio 1 Supplies Kit contains the following:

Olfa Knife - SVR-1
1 Olfa Replacement Blades Pack
8oz Quick-Dry Tacky Glue
1 Cutting Mat, 9x12"
1 18" Cork Backed Ruler
1 Wire-Bound Sketchbook, 8.5x11"
1 14" Trace Roll
1 3/4" Artist Tape
1 Glue Stick
1 Architects Scale
1 Engineers Scale
1 Black Flair Pen, Medium Tip
1 Clear Scotch Tape
1 Zap-A-Gap 2oz
1 12" 45/90 Acrylic Triangle
1 12" 30/60" Acrylic Triangle
1 16' Measuring Tape